Arjan Hajdari makes his Pro Debut as a Muay Thai Fighter!

03 Dec 2023
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A Thrilling Debut in Frankfurt

In an exciting turn of events on December 2, 2023, the Mix Fight Championship in Frankfurt witnessed the much-anticipated professional debut of Arjan Hajdari, a rising star from Kosovo and Albania. The event, featuring a mix of martial arts disciplines, added an extra layer of excitement as Hajdari entered the world of professional Muay Thai for the first time.

Unexprected Change in Opponent

Initially scheduled to face Tsotne Sultanishvilli, the script took an unexpected twist due to a last-minute injury. Stepping into the ring as the new opponent was Ioan-Emanuel Lupascu from Romania, known by the formidable moniker "Destroyer," boasting an impressive record of 13 wins, 1 loss, and 7 knockouts.

Ioan-Emanuel Lupascu (pictured) and Arjan Hajdari look at each other at the start of the first round. Both are waiting for the start of the round and are ready

Arjan Hajdari: The Cobra's Profile

Age: 24

Height: 183cm

Nationality: Kosovo, Albania

Fighting Name: The Cobra

Training Camp: Ayutthaya Muaythai

Amateur Record: 15 wins, 2 losses, 3 knockouts

The Muay Thai fight in the 66 kg category went on for three rounds, with each round lasting three minutes. Excitement buzzed in the air at the Süwag Energie Arena as fans eagerly awaited a showdown between these formidable fighters, creating an atmosphere charged with anticipation and energy. Over 200 passionate fans filled the arena, providing an electrifying atmosphere as they rallied behind Arjan Hajdari. The crowd's energy set the stage for an eagerly awaited showdown between Hajdari and Lupascu.

Arjan Hajdari with a knee jump on his opponent Lupascu in the second round of the fight. A dominant phase in the fight for the Kosovo Albanian

Even though it was Arjan Hajdari's first professional fight, and he had to face a new opponent unexpectedly, he stayed calm, moved with skill, and showed impressive accuracy in the ring. The match turned into a real showcase of Muay Thai expertise, where both fighters traded strong hits and used smart moves to outmaneuver each other. Despite the challenges, Hajdari demonstrated his skills with grace and determination.

Triumphant Victory for The Cobra

Following three intense rounds, Arjan Hajdari secured the win. The Süwag Energie Arena echoed with cheers, not just for his individual success but also recognizing him as a rising star in the combat sports realm. The victory was not just a personal triumph; it marked the beginning of what promises to be a bright career for Hajdari in the world of competitive fighting.

Post-fight, Arjan Hajdari shared his thoughts, saying,

"The fight was very good. I think I had to work a bit harder to get the KO. It was tricky. I went the distance and took my shots."

These words reflect the determination and strategic approach that defined The Cobra's performance.

The moment the winner of the fight is announced. The reaction of the two fighters on 02.12. in the Süwag Energie Arena in Frankfurt

A Memorable Start in the Mix Fight Championship

Arjan Hajdari's first appearance will surely be remembered in the Mix Fight Championship's story. Fans are excitedly looking forward to more thrilling shows from The Cobra. His victory highlights the event's dedication to presenting top-notch martial arts and giving rising talents a chance to shine on the stage. As we await his next moves, it's clear that Arjan Hajdari's debut is just the beginning of an exciting journey in the world of combat sports.

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